Poop Bag With Tail Clip For Dogs


  • Easy fit: Durable enough to contain any texture of dog feces; the cleanest and simplest solution for dog waste disposal that you can find.   
  • Safety and Comfort: Product is lightweight and a soft clip, with soft silicone padding on the inside to not harm your dog’s tail. It’s so comfortable, your loving pet won’t even feel it.
  • Hand Free Dog Poop Collection: The fit and adjustment of the poop collector are in such a manner that the waste bag will be in a perfect position to gather any waste material and you won’t have to touch any of your dog’s poop ever again.
  • Portable and Easy Use: The lightweight of the product makes it easy to carry and the portability of the clip makes it easy for you to change waste bags on the go. 


Key Benefits:

  • Hands-Free Waste Collector is made from soft silicon cushions that fit comfortably on your dog’s tail
  • Never interact and get your hands dirty from scooping your dog’s waste
    Avoid the after smell that lasts on your hands
  • Portable - Uniquely designed to put it in your bag and carry it anyway
  • High-quality eco waste bags- core-less, unscented & leak-proof

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply attach the Hands-Free Waste Collector to your dog’s tail
  2. Wait for your dog to poop and when the business is done you can just unclip the bag and throw it away. 
  3. Replace the bag with a new one and you’re set to go.