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Gorgeous Pattern and Polka Dot Cat Print T Shirt Collection!

This Custom Made "Gorgeous Pattern and Polka Dot T-Shirt Collection!" will show off your love for cats in a fashionable way! Order yours now. 

Image result for 100x100 cat png Only for the Top Cat Lovers!

  • High Quality materials
  • Unique 
  • Durable

Size Bust Length Shoulder Sleeve
M 90 cm 59 cm 42 cm 14 cm
L 94 cm 60 cm 43 cm 15 cm
XL 98 cm 61 cm 44 cm 16 cm
XXL 102 cm 62 cm 45 cm 17 cm
3XL 106 cm 63 cm 46 cm 18 cm
4XL 110 cm 64 cm 47 cm 19 cm
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About us

About Us


Hi, it’s wonderful to see you here. If you could spare a few minutes of your time, I would like to tell you a little story about us. What pushed us into starting this store; how Pooch and Kitty came into existence.

Growing up we had a golden retriever named “Benji” and my sister had a siamese named “Marble” which we saved from the animal shelter.

Both of them had a recognizable presence around our house. We used to do lots of stuff with them. Provided them with clothes, fed them, played with them, but most of all, we would provide them with limitless care and love.

Benji loved having a job to do, it was in his genes to do that. So we were always doing new things like chasing frisbees to going on different adventures. But boy, it was fun. On the other hand, Marble was the troublemaker at home. She was always running into stuff, breaking things but it didn't matter as everybody at home loved her so much.

As we grew older, our passion and love for our pets grew and grew. It was this very passion that led us to provide our pets with everything they needed. Seeing how we took such great care of our pets, the kids from around the block started borrowing different stuff and were asking us, how to take care of their pets the same way we did.

That is how we got the idea to start this store. We were already helping out so many people but we wanted to help out more and give people the opportunity to take care of their pets in the same manner as we did.

We wanted to be the ones to help people get all the accessories they need to take care of their pets. Starting off, we only sold products for pets but considering the great response that we got, we added products for pet owners as well so they could express their love for their pets.

It has been a marvellous journey so far, helping people out and we want to continue on as we are doing at the moment.